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ECDL is made up of a range of modules. You can pick and choose from the available modules to certify the skills and knowledge that matter to you. Exams for each module are used to assess your knowledge. You can also take diagnostic tests to see what level of ICT skills you already have before taking ECDL. You can choose from 13 Base, Intermediate and Advanced modules:

Modules EN

Find out more about each module at ecdl.org

ECDL is delivered through a network of Accredited Test Centres. Use the map below to identify your nearest centre. To get started with ECDL, you should contact a centre directly. If you would like to use ECDL in a company or organisation, please get in touch with us.


Bruxelles Formation
Rue de Stalle 67
1180 Bruxelles

02 371 73 50



ENAIP en Pays de Liège
Rue du Pommier 25
4000 Liege

04 227 90 85



EICA - École Industrielle et Commerciale d'Auvelais
Fabien Toune
Rue Hicguet 19
5060 Auvelais

071 26 00 30



Le Réseau
Rue de Trazegnies 41
6031 Monceau-sur-Sambre


If you still have questions about ECDL, you can contact us by email at belgium@ecdl.org. You can also phone us on 02 681 04 39, between 9am and 5:30pm from Monday to Friday.